wonderingforalice asked: Hello. Hello... Hello. Tell me. You, the Master Tactician. You who morph into a deadly frightening dark winged human-flesh-eating creature. What, is the most surprising behavior that an ennemy ever had (dead or alive) towards your transformation. Cry ? Fear ? Run ? Attack you ? Sudden Death ? I do wait.

Well over the course of many years I’ve seen reactions ranging from exhilaration, some people are blown away by what appears to be an old man with a cane into a being about to consume them, to crying and falling dead at my feet before I even struck. The most surprising reaction however was a laugh, likely from surprise. I didn’t like that, so he did not laugh again, I mean how could he when I took his tongue?

I Require Followers

I’ve been receiving a few questions here and there, but as of this moment I only have three followers on this damned site. How can I expect to wage cataclysmic warfare on any nation with such a small army?


Anonymous asked: how do you like being a bird?

When I transform it is a very freeing experience. The feeling of cracking bones and rending flesh is refreshing, and the feel of my enemies life force draining away and making me stronger is great fun. 10/10, I highly recommend it to everyone.


Anonymous asked: whats going on

With what? If you plan on asking a question at least make it worth my very precious time. I have people to oppress.


hawkheaven asked: What is the deal with Beatrice?

Well hawkheaven, Beatrice has been a loyal companion these many years, faithfully doling out laser after laser at the fools who dare combat me. I found her ages ago and cared for her, so now she cares for me on the Fields of Justice. Also she’s quite partial to the rodents on Summoner’s Rift like Twitch or any Demacian scum.


Anonymous asked: Can I have a hug, or would you prefer I just surprise attack you at night?

Funny, I was thinking that a surprise attack at night would be good for anyone who dared hug me.


zeroeverhart asked: swain... is the cane for swagger? or for swagger?

Clearly for both. My swagger knows no bounds.


jacksbackfortheattack asked: U mad bro?

I’m not angry at all, why would I be? I’m a high ranking Noxian official, and have no time for petty squabbles. Your question doesn’t even deserve an answer with my voice.

I’m not sure how often I will be answering this blog, seeing as how I’ll be busy CRUSHING my enemies on the Fields of Justice, but come by any time and we’ll see what the Master Tactician has to say about your problems.